Profound life change

“Though I have studied metaphysics and internal physical awareness for a number of years, Yi Ren Qigong and Sylvie’s inspiring instruction have greatly expanded my experience, knowledge and abilities far beyond what I could have imagined. This instruction – of metaphysics, of how to open my body and mind to the power of personal growth and healing — has changed my life in a very profound way. Sylvie has a wonderful passionate spirit…I recommend her highly to anyone interested in exploring qigong for their personal growth and healing.”

John H., Renton, WA

Relaxing, meditative experience

I am a new student of qigong, but I quickly experienced the benefits of a relaxing and meditative experience in Sylvie’s classes. I particularly appreciate her careful preparation, thoughtful presentation, and clear dedication to this practice.

Richard G., Seattle, WA

Relaxing, calming, energizing

Before I took the class, I heard from several people how helpful it was.  When I took it, I was amazed at the inner energy in my body.  It is very relaxing, calming and energizing, and I slept better.

Mary M., Seattle, WA

Improved sleep,

I took my first class…and immediately started seeing the benefits in my daily life, particularly in overcoming insomnia and quieting a chronic cough.  When I practice for as little as ten minutes, I can feel the big difference throughout my day, in my calm, centered mind.

Margaret O., Seattle, WA