Energetic Healing

Perhaps you have heard stories of energetic healing performed by Reiki practitioners or nurses using Therapeutic Touch.

Both are similar to qigong healing, which has been practiced for thousands of years in China as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The method uses managements and transmittal of our qi, or life energy, to help restore balance and wellness to ourselves and others. We have developed our qi through years of qigong practice, though we had experienced some healing power prior to starting qigong.

Over the past few years, we have witnessed gratifying results using our qi, combined with the power of prayer, to restore wellness in both people and animals. Some treatments last days, weeks or months; others are permanent. (Of course, some treatments elicited no response at all. An openness to healing energy seems to be key to experiencing healing. Also, treatment with qi and prayer is meant to supplement, never replace, regular medical care.)

Some examples:

*Frank S., suffering from extreme peripheral neuropathy, with no feeling except pain in his arms and legs, was often bedridden or barely able to move except for a slow, painful, shuffling walk. We prayed and employed qi briefly. The next day, and for a few days after that, he suddenly had no pain, his feeling in his limbs was restored and he got out of bed, drove an hour to his farm and worked 12 hours, saying he felt better than he had in 10 years. (He eventually relapsed.)

*Virginia R., who was in her 80s, suddenly suffered from the most severe pain of her life in her jaw and was barely able to get out of bed for days. Her doctors were stumped. The pain so severe that even though she dislikes pharmaceuticals, she asked doctors for the strongest painkiller available. While she was waiting for the prescription to be approved, three of us went to her house and prayed and transmitted healing qi to her. The next day, she got up, was pain-free and energized and estimated she said had run up and down the stairs to the basement 40 times while housecleaning. Her energy continued for a few days. (Eventually, she relapsed, was diagnosed with heart failure and had life-saving, emergency surgery.)

*Walter the dog chewed on poisoned rat that apparently had been poisoned, and became extremely ill. He spent several days in the veterinary hospital, but remained extremely listless and could barely use of one of his rear legs. When we saw him, he was lying motionless on his side with his eyes closed. We treated him for about 10 minutes. The moment we finished, he sat up, did a “downward dog” stretch — which he hadn’t done since he’d been sick, stood up and looked attentively at his stunned owner. That evening, when his owner bent down to lift him into her car, which she had had to do since the incident, he jumped in. He has been normal ever since.

*”L” broke his hand in early 2017 and was unable to do his job in retail sales for a few weeks. When he returned, the strength of his broken hand was 25% of normal, according to his doctor. We treated him with qi and prayer for about 10 minutes. That evening, he texted us to say that his hand was “nearly 100% normal.” It has remained that way to the present.

*Recently, I injured my hand twice, accidentally hitting the back of my hand, then injuring it again. It was slightly swollen and painful for three or four days, to the point that I was wondering if I should go to the doctor to find out if there were any broken bones. Then one morning, I did 10 minutes of qigong and prayer on the hand. When I checked on it a few minutes later, it was completely normal. No pain, no swelling and it looked exactly like my uninjured hand.

*Colette C. had an open wound on her leg for seven months. It was serious enough that she had to have it checked once or twice weekly, at a wound clinic, and her leg was completely bandaged from knee to ankle. We did about 15 minutes of treatment with qi. Afterward, she said she felt circulation restarting in the leg during treatment, and sensation around the edges of the wound as if it was closing. We, along with another healer, continued energetic treatment from a distance for four more days, until her next medical appointment. When she went to the clinic, the nurse was so amazed that she called all the staff over to look at the leg, which was almost completely healed.

*”D” was a chef who reported for work even though his back was “killing” him so much he could barely stand and when he did, he was bent over at a 90-degree angle. We gave him a 5 minute qi treatment, which he felt. When it was through, he stood up straight, felt fine and was able to work normally.

*A few years ago, I burned my hand when I went to remove a cast iron fry pan, which had been heating in a 425° oven for 10 minutes. My hand hurt terribly and I could see skin start to rise in blisters. I immediately retreated to a quiet place and did an intensive qi treatment for about 20 minutes. At the end, my hand was a bit red, but there was no blistering and no pain. The next morning, my hand was completely normal. (I repeated this technique a number of times while working as a cook, when I could get away long enough to do it, and always was able to avoid scars, blistering or pain.)

If you are interested in being treated — or in having a pet treated — with qi and prayer, please contact us for more information.

Be well.

Peace and blessings to all creatures!