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Welcome to One Heart Qigong

Create peace in your life. Learn Qigong (Chi-gung).

Our simple instructions show you how to use gentle movement and mindfulness to enhance your health, immunity and well-being. Learn how to use your body, mind and breath to instantly calm your mind, renew your spirit and boost your energy.

Upcoming Zoom Class–

Yi Ren Qigong (Chi-gung)

Level 1, Part 1

April  9, 16, 23, 30; May 7, 14 (note delayed start date)

Saturdays, 10-11 AM CDT (9 AM MDT, 8 AM PDT)

Experience how Qigong (Chi-gung), a modern take on an ancient Chinese practice, can enhance the functioning of your body, mind and spirit. Yi Ren Qigong (Chi-gung), founded by Dr. Guan-Cheng Sun PhD,  uses breathing, movement and meditation to create greater peace, well-being and balance in your life.

6 classes – $60 USD or $1200 pesos*

Payment via PayPal to ***Payment exclusive of PayPal charges. ***

To register, email us at and make your payment through PayPal. Prior to the first class, we’ll send you a health waiver (to be downloaded, signed and returned before the first class). Your link and password will be sent the day before class.

*This is our pandemic rate, which is a significant discount. However, discounts and scholarships still are available, especially for students working and living in Mexico.

Peace and blessings to all!

Bienvenido a One Heart Qigong (Chi-gung)

Ofreceremos clases de Qigong en Español

en  2022

Crea paz en tu vida. Aprenda Qigong (Chi-gung).

Nuestras sencillas instrucciones le muestran cómo utilizar el movimiento suave y la atención plena para mejorar tu salud, inmunidad y bienestar. Aprenda a usar tu cuerpo, mente y respiración para calmar instantáneamente tu mente, renovar tu espíritu y aumentar tu energía.

¡Paz y benediciones para todos!